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Firm Overview


Founded by Chicago attorney William A. Jaeger, the Law Office of William A. Jaeger P.C., is a law firm that concentrates on serious medical malpractice, personal injury, wrongful death, and workers compensation cases.

Our firm offers intelligent legal representation and takes the time to listen to and communicate with clients. We strive to provide each client with personal attention and individual service in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

The foundation of our success is the quality relationships that we make and maintain with our clients. We are committed to our clients and obtaining the best possible result for each client in every case. We aggressively pursue our client’s interests in litigation.

We will fight for your legal rights and achieve justice for you. Our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client pays nothing unless there is a recovery. We engage America’s best experts for the nuances of each of our cases and utilize state of the art technology to present our cases to juries in the most efficient way. The Law Office of William A. Jaeger P.C. has the know-how and resources to obtain justice for you.


Strong Representation for Accident Victims in and around Chicago

A serious accident or a fatality in the family creates enormous stresses and challenges. Pain and suffering, practical difficulties, and a sense of loss and bewilderment are compounded by harsh economic realities after a motor vehicle accident or an injury caused by a doctor’s mistake. If you were injured, or if your close family member was killed, whether in a motor vehicle accident, due to medical negligence or any other type of accident, you deserve financial compensation.  At the Chicago-based law firm of William A. Jaeger P.C., we have more than 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured people in Chicago, Cook County and the surrounding areas of Illinois. Our clients come to us facing intensive periods of rehabilitation and therapy, the need for wheelchairs and with mounting costs for medical care and alterations to their homes.  Our job is to recover compensation that will allow our clients to pay for these kinds of needs.


You Are Doing the Right Thing by Seeking a Chicago Injury Lawyer

Whether you were hurt in a car accident, a motorcycle crash or were the victim of medical  malpractice, you need to know you have rights. The best way to protect those rights is by enlisting the help of an experienced Cook County injury lawyer like William A. Jaeger.  You should not have to deal with insurance companies and their lawyers on your own. Insurers have one goal: profit. They protect their profits by paying less than injured people deserve.  Make sure you have an attorney on your side who will protect you. You have found that attorney in William A. Jaeger.


What Were the Circumstances of Your Personal Injury in the Chicago Area?

You may have a premises liability, uninsured motorist, product liability, medical malpractice or police misconduct claim. Whatever the circumstances may be that have brought you to seek a lawyer, know that your choice can greatly impact your case. By choosing a proven, experienced attorney like William A. Jaeger, the likelihood of a positive outcome is increased.  Chicago has no shortage of personal injury lawyers. But there are few who match Mr. Jaeger’s energy, ability and dedication to each client and each case.


Contact William A. Jaeger P.C., To Schedule Your Free Consultation

Image result for call us clear iconCall us at 312-214-1322 or contact us online to set up a time to talk with our team about your injuries. If you are unable to come to our office in Downtown Chicago because of your injuries, we will come to you, if you are in Illinois. If you are elsewhere in the country, we can work with you by phone, fax, email and other methods of communication. You don’t pay a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.


Our Office Hours

Saturday and Sunday by appointment only


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