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Medical Malpractice

Every day, people trust doctors with their lives. That’s a reasonable assumption – physicians and other healthcare professionals have a sworn duty to provide safe, ethical and accurate medical treatment to their patients. But that doesn’t always happen. As many as 250,000 people in America are the victims of medical malpractice every year.


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Medical Malpractice:

Medical malpractice can occur in any branch of medicine, including the following:

  • Pediatric malpractice
  • Gynecological malpractice
  • Surgical errors
  • Psychiatric malpractice
  • Emergency room (ER) errors
  • Medication errors
  • Dental malpractice

If you were seriously injured or if a family member died in a medical care context in the Chicago area, you may be looking for answers first and foremost. Exactly what happened and why? How should it have been prevented? And how are you going to handle the costs resulting from this medical crisis that occurred because of a health care provider’s negligence?

In addition to shock, grief and inconvenience, you may face expenses for repeat surgery or other remedial medical care. You may hesitate at the idea of “suing your doctor.” However, soon you may realize that you need to bring a medical malpractice claim against all responsible parties to obtain the finances necessary to cope with the results of a medical mistake. A surgical error such as leaving a foreign object in the body can only be corrected through additional surgery. Failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner will most likely end up being a very costly mistake. If a doctor was negligent in this way, he or she should bear some responsibility for the mistake.

At the law offices of William A. Jaeger P.C., you can expect respectful consideration, thoughtful analysis, knowledgeable application of the law to the facts of your case, clear explanations, direct access to your Chicago medical malpractice attorney, and aggressive representation before claims adjusters, a judge or a jury. Attorney William A. Jaeger adeptly handles a wide range of medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Clients of William A. Jaeger P.C., appreciate the opportunity to work one-on-one with William A. Jaeger, who personally prepares his own legal documents and knows every case inside out.


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