Chicagoland Injury Lawyer


“A friend recommended that I retain Attorney William Jaeger to handle a personal injury matter. The level of professionalism and service that I received was beyond my expectations. If you want someone working for you, communicating to you and on your behalf and with high level of legal knowledge and competency William Jaeger is that attorney.

On July 9, 2011 I was involved in an incident in a para-transit vehicle. I was improperly buckled into the passenger seat of the vehicle and when the vehicle stopped suddenly, I was thrown from the seat into the air falling to the floor of the vehicle causing additional injury to my back, knees and other parts of my body.

Armed with only the details of the incident, Attorney Jaeger worked diligently on my behalf investigating every aspect of the matter, the driver, the paratransit company, etc.; filing various court documents; appearing in court; finding creative ways to solve a difficult case; and standing firm when low unacceptable offers to settle the case were made.

The case was settled at the requested financial demand. I can say that I am absolutely satisfied with Attorney Jaegers’ hard work and dedication to my case. I would refer him to my friends and family and I would definitely use him again.”

-Jacqueline Pickens

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